Accounting and Related Services

If data is stored in the database and is not interpreted, analyzed, and used for better decision-making, then you are missing a great opportunity for future growth. Having an expert help you dive into the numbers and use them to propel greater business growth and profitability in the future.

We are more than just bookkeepers our continuous financial & technical advice will intensify focused business growth. The FinSolutions proposes three models to choose from:

1 – Outsource – Our professionals will manage your accounting acting as an in-house accountant. Any of the following arrangements can be opted for as per your need;

  • Full outsourcing
  • Partial / sub-function outsourcing

2 – Co-source Accounting – Combination of your in-house expertise and our professionals to extend &share burden, review & support and cater to your needs temporarily.

3 – Cloud Accounting – We provide online and virtual bookkeeping services using a designated cloud enabling you the flexibility needed in today’s competitive business environment. Cloud accounting is Quick! Simple! And Saves Money.

Our Solution includes:

  • Assistance in setting accounting function
  • Review of internal controls
  • Payroll processing
  • Account payable Management
  • Cash flow Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Fix Assets Compilation, maintenance and verification
  • Reviewing of Accounting Systems and Internal Controls
  • Management and Financial reporting
  • Technical Accounting Support

HR and Payroll

Human resource outsourcing is a momentous strategic HR initiative. It helps organizations to focus on internal resources towards doing what they do best and simultaneously helps to control the bottom lines. HR outsourcing helps an organization to gain cost and time efficiencies and provides a cutting edge over their human resource strategies and improves services to their employees. HR is an essential partner in developing and executing organizational strategy.

We offer the services listed below:

  • HR Audit
  • HR Admin (including standard templates, employee filing system virtual and hard, employee benefits and monitoring, HR Process Charts, employee detail changes, absence management, payroll, insurances, training & development, induction, appraisals, and settlements)
  • Employee Relations (including staff handbook, HR policies, and procedures, compliance laws, performance management, staff induction program, disciplinary, terminations, reward, and benefits program support)
  • Performance management framework development and administration
  • Integration with general ledgers, accounting, and clock systems
  • Outsourcing company secretarial function

Internal Audit

The changing patterns of work and technological advances bring strong competition in the market and to survive and progress companies need to find the optimal solution in utilizing their resources. One method is to bring flexibility in work models by outsourcing specific functions. Outsourcing promotes a task-oriented environment and provides the agility necessary to keep up with the changing times as well as being cost and time-effective.

Why we can deliver the work we promise?

  • Right Team – Having relevant experience in the field of Internal Auditing, Governance, and Risk management.
  • Relevant market and sector experience – Vast experience of internal audit of companies working in the field of pharmaceuticals, construction, manufacturing, power, telecommunication, and services sector.
  • Strong engagement – Professional Consultants with extensive experience in the domain of Internal Audit and Risk Management.
  • Experience of both sides of the table –Our consultants have served in top tier organizations in various risk-related functions and also in advisory services.

The FinSolutions proposes two models to choose from:

1 – Outsourcing – Our professionals will manage your accounting, acting as your in-house auditor. You can opt for any of the following arrangements suitable to your needs

  • Full outsourcing
  • Partial outsourcing

2 – Co-Sourcing – Combination of your in-house expertise and our professionals. We will be part of your audit team in terms of operational and advisory support. You may want to co-source for us to:

  • Review and support
  • Extend and share work burden
  • Cater to your needs on a temporary basis

Other Business Support

Our expertise extends to the following area as well:

  • Vendor Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Credit control management
  • Expense management
  • Contract management
  • Research and analysis